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Canlan Ice Sports (Wichita)
505 W. Maple
Wichita, KS 67213
(316) 337-9199

Directions from Washington Ice Arena

Start out going NORTH on KANSAS ST toward LOUISIANA AVE. <0.1 miles
KANSAS ST becomes KANSAS AVE. <0.1 miles
Turn RIGHT onto US-50 BR / MISSOURI BLVD. 0.4 miles
Merge onto US-54 E / CF RED WHALEY EXPY. 2.1 miles
Merge onto US-63 N toward COLUMBIA. 27.8 miles
Take the ramp toward I-70 / US-40 / ST LOUIS / MO-PP / KANSAS CITY. 0.3 miles
Merge onto N US-63. 0.2 miles
Merge onto I-70 W via the ramp on the LEFT toward KANSAS CITY. 120.2 miles
Merge onto I-435 S via EXIT 8A toward WICHITA (Crossing into KANSAS). 20.5 miles
Merge onto I-35 S via EXIT 83 toward WICHITA (Portions toll). 173.7 miles
Merge onto US-400 W / US-54 W / E KELLOGG AVE via EXIT 50. 6.1 miles
Take the ramp toward CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT. 0.1 miles
Stay STRAIGHT to go onto E KELLOGG ST / US-400 / US-54. 0.1 miles
Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto S MAIN ST. 0.1 miles
Turn LEFT onto W LEWIS ST. 0.3 miles
W LEWIS ST becomes W MAPLE ST. 0.1 miles
505 Maple St, Wichita, KS 67213, US

Total Est. Time: 5 hours, 22 minutes Total Est. Distance: 352.84 miles