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Decatur Civic Center
1 Gary K. Anderson Plaza
Decatur, IL 62525
(217) 422-7300)

Directions from Washington Ice Arena

Start out going EAST on US-50 BR/MISSOURI BLVD toward LOUISIANA ST. 0.4 mi
Merge onto US-54 E. 48.5 mi
Turn RIGHT onto US-54/E LIBERTY ST. Continue to follow US-54. 10.3 mi
Turn LEFT onto US-54/MO-19. 8.1 mi
Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto US-54 (Crossing into ILLINOIS). 55.6 mi
Turn LEFT onto N JACKSON ST/US-54/IL-107. Continue to follow US-54/IL-107. 5.1 mi
Merge onto I-72 E/US-36 E toward SPRINGFIELD. 67.4 mi
Merge onto I-72 E/US-36 E via EXIT 98A toward DECATUR. 30.0 mi
Keep RIGHT to take US-36 E via EXIT 133A toward DECATUR. 6.4 mi
Turn RIGHT onto N CALHOUN ST. 0.1 mi
Turn RIGHT onto E NORTH ST. 0.2 mi

Total Time: 4 hours 3 minutes Total Distance: 232.19 miles


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